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This Week in Whiteness April 29 (The tumblr edition)

This week in whiteness, we’re focusing on some of the news circulating around on tumblr. I would also like to encourage any of you who do see news to submit the posts or articles.

CeCe McDonald’s case WILL proceed to trial. Interestingly enough, the prosecutor is still reluctant to drop charges for her, in cases where they might have already dropped them for a white person in similar circumstances. Shock.

New homeowners met with gun-wielding neighbors


A Newton County family says what should have been one of their happiest nights turned into a nightmare. 

They said neighbors threatened them with guns and called the sheriff’s office as they changed the locks on their new home 

The Kalonji family was ecstatic when their son just closed on a foreclosed home that the whole family was moving into. 

The realtor told the family after the closing they should head over to their new home and change the lock. 

"Somebody come over with the light and the gun," Jean Kalonji said. 

Jean and his wife, Angelica, said a man and what appeared to be his son, confronted them with guns in their hands. 

"He say to put the hands up and get out from the house otherwise he would shoot us," Jean Kalonji said. 

"I get up my hands up, they put by the wall," Angelcia Kalonji said. 

The neighbors with the guns apparently thought the Kalonjis were breaking into the home, didn’t believe they owned it and called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office after threatening with the guns. 

The Kahlonjis didn’t have the closing paperwork with them. Deputies arrested the couple, charging them with loitering and prowling. 

The realtor said deputies should never have arrested the two.

Full story and video can be found here.

Racist responses to the Swedish cake cutting mess? Surely you jest!

Sadly, no. This was seen floating around tumblr.

Blackface, offensive body stereotypes… where’s the bingo card?

This is just part of an ongoing problem where white culture still seems to think that they are perfectly entitled to our cultures and our bodies and do with them whatever they see fit.

MoveOn petition for Jasmine Thar

Dear MoveOn member,

On December 23, 2011, my goddaughter, Jasmine Thar, a 16-year-old African American, was shot and killed while in my mother’s front yard in Chadbourn, North Carolina.

When the shot rang out, Jasmine was preparing for a routine shopping trip and doing what most teens do—texting. Two others, my niece and myself, were also injured in the shooting.

The 23-year-old Caucasian male who fired the fatal shot from the house across the street was taken in for questioning,but he has not been charged with a crime of any kind.

Because he claims it was an accident, the police let him go—despite the fact that he admits he fired the shot and police found a Confederate flag and Nazi literature in his home.

The message being sent is that you can shoot and kill someone like Jasmine and get away with it by simply claiming it was an accident. That can’t be the world we live in.

That’s why we created a petition on to District Attorney Jon David, Attorney General Roy Cooper, and Assistant District Attorney Chris Gentry. The petition says:

We demand justice for Jasmine Thar, who was shot and killed. Three months after the shooting we still have no answers. We urge you to sign this petition to demand a lawful, thorough, and unprejudiced investigation from the SBI and sound judicial decisions from Columbus County District Attorney Jon David and ADA Chris Gentry.

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:

Thank you.

–Treka McMillian

I would encourage all of you to sign the petition and boost the word, to help bring Jasmine and her family justice.

Elderly Woman Who Locked Abusive Cop in Basement Wins Settlement From Police

Venus Green, who was 87 when she was handcuffed, roughed up and injured by police, will receive $95,000 as part of a settlement with Baltimore City. The city chose to settle the case instead of taking a chance in front of a jury.

"We thought we would have a difficult time in front of a city jury, or any jury," Baltimore City solicitor George Nilson said.

Green was so put out by what police officers did, the city said she locked one of them in her basement.

"I was treated like a criminal," said Green, a retired educator who’s now 90.

In July 2009, Green’s grandson, Tallie, was shot and wounded. Tallie said he was shot at a convenience store, but police insisted it happened inside Green’s house and that the shooter was either Tallie or Green.

"Police kept questioning him. They wouldn’t let the ambulance attendant treat him," Green said. "So, I got up and said, ‘Sir, would you please let the attendants treat him? He’s in pain,’" Green said.

Green said the officer said to her, “Oh, you did it, come on, let’s go inside. I’ll prove where that blood is. You did it.”

Police wanted to go the basement, where Tallie lived, but Green refused on the basis that the police did not have a warrant.

"I said, ‘No, you don’t have a warrant. You don’t go down in my house like that. He wasn’t shot in here.’" Green said the officer replied, "I’m going to find that gun. I’m going to prove that you did it."

For the full story, including video, click here

Canadian judge calls residential schools a form of genocide

The chairman of Canada’s truth and reconciliation commission says removing more than 100,000 aboriginal children from their homes and placing them in residential schools was an act of genocide.

Justice Murray Sinclair says the United Nations defines genocide to include the removal of children based on race, then placing them with another race to indoctrinate them. He says Canada has been careful to ensure its residential school policy was not “caught up” in the UN’s definition.

“That’s why the minister of Indian affairs can say this was not an act of genocide,” Sinclair told students at the University of Manitoba Friday. “But the reality is that to take children away and to place them with another group in society for the purpose of racial indoctrination was — and is — an act of genocide and it occurs all around the world.”

About 150,000 First Nations, Inuit and Metis children were forced to attend the government schools over much of the last century. The last school closed outside Regina in 1996.

The $60-million truth and reconciliation commission is part of a landmark compensation deal between the federal government, the Crown and residential school survivors. It is about halfway through its mandate and has visited about 500 communities, where it has heard graphic details of rampant sexual and physical abuse.

The commission has taken 25,000 statements from survivors so far and has heard from about 100 people who worked in the schools, Sinclair said.

Their legacy has left an indelible impact on Canadian society, he added. The commission has heard stories of survivors continuing the cycle of abuse with their own children.

Even those who worked at the schools are not immune. Many of them were victims, too, and suffer lingering guilt and shame.

“We’ve had teachers come forward to us and spoken to the commission … about how they so hated the experience of teaching in a residential school that they quickly left,” Sinclair said. “They never put the fact that they worked at a residential school on their resume and they always kept that fact hidden from everybody, even from their own families.”

Just as children of school survivors suffer with their parents’ pain, so, too, do children of those who worked in the schools, Sinclair said. Children of staff members also attended the schools and still grapple with what they saw and experienced there. Some watched their parents become deeply depressed later in life as they came to realize what they had been a part of.

“In many ways, they also feel victimized by having been in residential schools. There is a great mixture of experiences here.”

The commission is expected to release an interim report shortly about what it’s heard so far. But even halfway through its mandate, Sinclair said, it’s clear work will take much longer to complete.

There are between 200 million and 300 million government documents on residential schools policy and about 20 million photographs. The commission has only managed to copy about 14,000 photos for the record, he said.

Canada will have to work hard to undo the damage done by the schools long after the commission has finished its work, Sinclair suggested. Generations of children — both aboriginal and non-aboriginal — have been brought up on a curriculum that dismissed aboriginal culture and history as worthless and inferior.

Another consequence is that there is a spiritual void in many aboriginal communities, Sinclair added. Churches that once had strong congregations in aboriginal communities have moved out and elders who could pass on traditional spiritual teachings are no longer living.

“It took 130 years to create this problem. It’s probably going to take us 130 years to undo it.”

To read more, click here

Remember how so many whites immediately fell back to the story about a young white teen who was set on fire by two black teens? Remember how many public figures were spouting that off?

Guess what? 


A 17-year-old St. Joseph boy is accused of setting another teen on fire.

Joseph Gardner is charged with first-degree assault.  The charges stem from an incident April 19.

The Andrew County Sheriff says Gardner poured gasoline on a 13-year-old, set him on fire, and threatened to kill him and his family if he told anyone what happened.

According to a probable cause statement, Gardner is accused of threatening to murder the child and his family if he told anyone and that after igniting the child, Gardner stood there and laughed.

The victim is at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, KS, with first- and second-degree burns to his face, right arm and in his nose and throat.

Gardner was being held Tuesday on $150,000 bond.

And Gardner? He’s white.

Guess who hasn’t printed any clarifications?

That will round up this week. As always, stay vigilant and stay safe.



This Week in Whiteness April 22 (The tumblr edition)

And here’s the tumblr addition. What qualifies a piece for the tumblr addition is the fact that the story has not been widely reported in the mass media. It might be a tumblr movement, reported from a few smaller websites or a petition. But, for whatever reason, these stories have not been given their due by mainstream media.

Starting off this edition is the updated information on CeCe McDonald

CeCe McDonald’s trial is set to begin April 30. For those unaware, here’s some background.

CeCe, an African-American, trans woman was attacked on June 5, 2011, by a group of two women and one man, both white, at night. While defending herself in the melee, one of the attackers died and CeCe was seriously injured. McDonald, 23, was arrested and has been held in jail ever since, to be charged with second-degree murder. It’s not a secret that PoC face harsher punishment than their white counterparts, but our transgender brothers and sisters are especially vulnerable to law enforcement, especially in cases like this when self-defense might be, or is their only chance of survival. Click the link below for more information, in addition to ways you can help.

Fighting for her life: Transgender woman charged with murder

Miami-Dade Fire Department Captain posts racially charged statements referring to Trayvon Martin case on Facebook

He is now claiming he should not be held to censure since he said it on his Facebook account. Legal experts disagree. The Fire Department has stated that they are investigating this matter. Click below for the full story.

Immigrants met with lethal force by US Agents

Univision has further publicized as PBS segment detailing eight deaths of immigrants directly from brutal force used by US Agents. 

The segment looks into the use of excessive force by border patrol, particularly in the death of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas, an undocumented immigrant who was apprehended while trying to cross the border near San Diego, Calif., in 2010.

Hernández-Rojas died after he was tased by agents who claimed he became “combative”, but new eye-witness videos uncovered  by PBS tell a different story. The videos show Hernández laying passively on the ground, screaming for help while surrounded by over a dozen agents.

A petition by, a Latino advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., is asking the Justice Department to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death Hernandez-Rojas. So far, more than 16,500 individuals have signed.

Info on the PBS Segment

Girls whitewashes Brooklyn, Lena Dunham says it was an accident and Lesley Arfin lets her racism fly

The new HBO series, Girls, premiered last Sunday to be met with criticism. The show, created and starring Lena Dunham, has been lauded as a voice of a generation. The only problem is that it’s a very small sub-sect of that generation, led entirely by overly-privileged, petulant, annoying white girls. When critics pointed this out, Dunham claimed it was an accident, and said she would try to fix it in season two.

Going a step further, one of the show writers, Lesley Arfin, jumped in.

Arfin, in particular, has a very problematic history with PoC, and has made comments equating Obama in the White House to taking a shit in the toilet. 

The coup de grace though, was the following nugget that was dug out of her skeleton crammed closet.

"Nigger" is a great word. It just packs so much punch. The two g’s next to each other are like literal two G’s, broin’ out, tough as nails, them against the world. It gives me chills that a word can hold so much power, it really makes me feel like I chose the right profession.

For an article detailing the issues with Girls and Lesley Arfin, click the link below.

A Girls Writer’s Ironic Racism and other ‘White People Problems’


Recent studies determined that all-white juries are more likely to convict black defendants.

In other news, the ocean is wet.

Britain Destroyed Records of Colonial Crimes

Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed during the final years of the British empire were systematically destroyed to prevent them falling into the hands of post-independence governments, an official review has concluded.

Those papers that survived the purge were flown discreetly to Britain where they were hidden for 50 years in a secret Foreign Office archive, beyond the reach of historians and members of the public, and in breach of legal obligations for them to be transferred into the public domain.

The archive came to light last year when a group of Kenyans detained and allegedly tortured during the Mau Mau rebellion won the right to sue the British government. The Foreign Office promised to release the 8,800 files from 37 former colonies held at the highly-secure government communications centre at Hanslope Park in Buckinghamshire.”

Shocking. Absolutely shocking. The Raw Story for the rest of the story.

Republicans Obstruct Violence Against Women Act

Because, you know, they’re kind of on a roll this year with regards to women. An excerpt:

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is, in normal times, an uncontroversial bipartisan law that was originally passed by President Bill Clinton in 1994. The law was intended to buttress protections within the law for women affected by violence by stiffening sentences for perpetrators and enabling access by women to civil proceedings, even when prosecutors decline to pursue criminal charges. According to the Wall Street Journal, VAWA is encountering resistance for the first time since its inception.Republicans are obstructing the law’s renewal on the basis that it now includes language protecting Native Americans, immigrants and LGBT Americans.

For the full story, click the following link.

Republicans obstruct Violence Against Women Act over LGBT, immigrant protections

People continue to respond to black males as a perceived threat. And follow it up by shooting.

Reported on by GlobalGrind, here is an excerpt about the shooting death of unarmed, 20-year-old, Bo Morrison.

GlobalGrind is deeply concerned about the death of 20 year old, Bo Morrison in the early hours of March 3rd in the small Wisconsin town of Slinger (population 3910). Protected under the “Castle Doctrine, ” an outshoot of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, Bo’s killer, Adam Kind is a free man.

For the full story, click the following link. Be warned, the comments are disgusting.

MURDERED! Another Unarmed Black Man Gunned Down 

Oglala Sioux Tribe Demands Justice for Appalling Number of Unsolved Reservation Murders -

Going along with the above article, in other news on how the US government is still screwing over Native populations, Navajo and Hopi communites are also protesting an new bill that threatens the tribes’ soveriegnty regarding their ability to maintain a safe and sufficient future water supply.

The bill, Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012, has been supported, thus far, by Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly. Many Navajo and Hopi citizens remain concerned about the far-reaching effects the bill could have.

Erny Zah, Shelly’s spokesman, expressed dismay at the volatile nature of last week’s protest.

“This isn’t about opinions,” he said. “We’re talking basic fundamental principals of Navajo teaching. There’s a fundamental respect that’s taught to us. That day showed that either we’re forgetting about who we are, or we just ignored who we are.”

Ed Becenti, a Navajo grassroots organizer and one of the protestors who was in Tuba City that day, disagrees with Zah’s assessment. Shelly is selling out his people by giving away their water, he said – he’s brought the derision on himself. As for the settlement the president is backing, Becenti is horrified: “This is almost like genocide,” he said. “We’re being manipulated into our own extinction. The other parties are hurting for water and they’re doing whatever they can to get to what we have left.”

For the full article, click the link below

Little Colorado Water Rights Bill Met With Protests From Navajo and Hopi Communities -

Men of Color, Women of Color and transgender women receive less pay

Equal Pay Day was on April 17. As a reflection, let’s remember that while many hold the average pay rates of men and women to what white men and woman receive, this is not the case across the board. PoC, especially WoC receive much less than the white average. Also feeling the hit are transgender women, some of them being docked in pay after transitioning even. Transgender women of color are especially vulnerable. 

We cannot forget economic equality for all of us.

Glenn Beck tries to spin an eight-year-old Barack Obama eating dog meat to an equivalent of the Romney’s cruel treatment of tying their dog to the roof of their vehicle

Conveniently ignores any culture that is not WASP, and the fact that eating dog meat would prove that he was not Muslim.

Raise your hands again if you’re surprised by his levels of fail.


We’re at the end! Only a little more to go!

For this last part, I want to open it up to you, readers. Many stories and photos are coming out of Coachella showing white revelers in various stages of cultural appropriation.

Here’s a chance to let loose and tell everyone how you really feel.

Sick of hipsters and indie music snobs in war bonnets? Troubled by the Tupac hologram performance for a crowd of mostly white concert-goers’ entertainment?

Tell us!



This Week in Whiteness April 20 (The mass media edition)

This Week in Whiteness

This is my first post on here, so bear with me while I work through the growing pains. Feedback is always appreciated.

Kicking off this week in whiteness is the story now heard round the world. If you’ve been unconnected this week, here’s a rundown. The Culture Minister, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, of Sweden attended an event to “raise awareness” on female genital mutilation. Slightly problematic, but mostly like that Kony 2012 BS, right?

Until we get to the part where the main attraction is a giant, racist caricature cake of the Hottentot Venus, Sarah Baartman.

It goes downhill rapidly. This cake, apparently the brainchild of artist and provocateur Makode Aj Linde, was interactive with Linde, a black man, serving as the head and screaming every time the cake was cut. Pictures and video show the white audience laughing and smiling as they cut into the cake, with Liljeroth slicing off the genitalia. Also in photo is Liljeroth feeding a smiling Linde a piece of the cake.

Let’s  process this. A man, who has also been shown in other photos to culturally appropriate oppressed indigenous peoples, decided to do a piece to “speak” for women about female genital mutilation, also completely inserting Western cultural values in over the cultures of the places where this takes happens. Now, I will be the first to demand that every woman have the right to decline female circumcision and I passionately believe that it should NEVER be forced on a woman. But that doesn’t give anyone else the right to decide either way for them.

Linde also commented that Liljeroth whispered to him that “things will be better for you after this.”


American Man Seeks Asylum in Sweden

In other Swedish news, an American, soon-to-be-expatriate if he has his way, man is seeking political asylum in Sweden after accusing the United States of torture and detainment overseas. Yonas Fikre, 33, of Portland, OR says that he was held for over three months in a Dubai detention center in 2011. Furthermore, he has been placed on the no-fly list, barring him access to any flight back to the United States.

Fikre’s lawyer says that this is being used, not because Fikre is a threat to passengers, but as a coercion tool.

And here’s a big shock, Fikre is also a Muslim and a PoC. Raise your hands if you’re surprised. Click the link below for the full story.

American seeks political asylum in Sweden, alleging torture, FBI coercion

In American News…

GOP Senate candidate John Raese (WV) compared a county smoking ban with the Holocaust. Yes, you read that correctly.

Raese, claimed the smoking ban was the equivalent of Hitler forcing Jews to wear the Star of David. “But in Monongalia County now, I have to put a huge sticker on my buildings to say this is a smoke-free environment. This is brought to you by the government of Monongalia County. Okay?” he said. “Remember Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody’s lapel, remember that? Same thing.”

He also calls former president, Franklin D. Roosevelt “General Roosevelt” and “Fidel Roosevelt”. This is the same man who wanted to spend $20 billion to put “1000 laser systems” in the sky to protect the US from a rogue missile attack. Click the link below for the full story and video.

John Raese Equates Smoking Ban to Hitler Policy

Back to cases of Islamophobia, former IHOP workers are suing IHOP and the franchise owners, Anthraper Investments, claiming wrongful termination, in addition to harassment based on their religion and nationality.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled recently that there is reasonable cause to suspect that at least two of the workers were harassed and then fired because of their nationality.

And example of the harassment? Emails from their managers every year telling them to “lay low” on Sept. 11. Click the link below for the full story.

IHOP Allegedly Told Muslims Workers to ‘Lay Low’ every September 11

Ted Nugent threatens President Barack Obama

Romney supporter Ted Nugent is now in hot water over comments he made earlier in the week regarding President Barack Obama. Now under investigation by the Secret Service, Nugent is trying to soft-pedal his threatening comments of “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”  He also said that fellow GOP voters needed to ride into November and chop Democrat’s heads off. You stay classy, Ted. Click the link below for the full article and clip.

Quote of the Day: Ted Nugent threatens Barack Obama

I will be doing a separate post for news that has been circulated on tumblr. Mainly because long post is long, and this is news that deserves just as much attention, even if it hasn’t been giving it’s due time in mass media. This will be up tomorrow.

Topics covered in Tumblr edition include:

  • CeCe McDonald
  • Immigrant beatings involving US Agents
  • Bo Morrison
  • Lesley Arfin and Girls
  • White dude trying to make a thing of an eight-year-old Obama eating dog meat
  • No Shit Sherlock: Study finds all-white juries more likely to convict black defendants
  • Navajo and Hopi communites protest water bill
  • The Wage Gap and White Privilege + Trans-Misogyny
  • Oglala Sioux tribe demands justice for unsolved reservation murders
  • Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes
  • Coachella: Hipsters run rampant with appropriation and the problematic aspects of Tupac’s performance.



Okay then

We’ll be back up and running this weekend. Please note that I am NOT the old admin. If you send me messages and I don’t remember conversations we’ve had, chances are it’s because we’ve never had them. No hard feelings.

I’ll usually have the weekly round up published on Saturday, so if you happen to see something of note, you have until Saturday morning, central standard time, to shoot it my way. 

I look forward to talking with all of you, be it questions, comments, submissions or concerns. If it’s of a private matter, please send it to my other tumblr: 





A couple of weeks ago, the blogger that ran thisweekinwhiteness deleted her main account and left me the keys to TWIW. I’m just sort of sitting on it right now while trying to find somebody who is interested in/is qualified/has the time to run it. If anybody has any ideas for me, please let me know.

If you don’t already know what the blog does, it was compiling weekly posts from stories of racism on Tumblr or in the news. The lady who was running it is an excellent writer and did a great job, but decided to leave Tumblr, and I’d really like to find somebody to take over this blog.

I wanted to do it without having to publicly advertise it but nobody I’ve talked to has had the time/interest to run it, but I don’t want it to just sit there if it can be used to help people. So any suggestions or volunteers are welcome.

Thank you! -Austin



Sunday’s Post is Up!

Check it out here.

Sunday’s Post is Up!

Check it out here.

Sunday’s Post is Up!

Check it out here.



THIS WEEK IN WHITENESS: Shaken Bottles (1-04-12)

1 April, 2012

Although gags abound in celebration of April Fool’s day, the compilation of headlines today are no laughing matter.

Before we start, we’d like to highlight a headline from last week:

Last week in whiteness, Canada’s Supreme Court took a surprising but excellent turn for the better when it solidified legislation that would work in favor of indigenous Canadian Indians facing convictions. Judge Louis LeBel was quoted as saying:

“When sentencing an aboriginal offender, courts must take judicial notice of such matters as the history of colonialism, displacement, and residential schools and how that history continues to translate into lower educational attainment, lower incomes, higher unemployment, higher rates of substance abuse and suicide, and, of course, higher levels of incarceration for aboriginal peoples,” he said.

For more, check out the report at the Globe and Mail. Thank you to BiscuitMunroe for forwarding the info!

And now for this week’s news:

Rick Santorum and the Government Negotiator

During a recorded event in Janesville, Wisconsin, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum stopped himself from calling President Barack Obama a “nigger” during his speech, which is available here. “It has been suggested he was trying to say “-nik”, as in peacenik or beatnik,” the Guardian's Paul Harris writes. “That is possible. Or perhaps, it was some non-specific verbal tic: a random vowel-consonent flub.”

Here, Santorum has previous form. In Iowa, he stumbled when discussing conservative opposition to welfare programmes:

"I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money; I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money."

In the face of later outrage at singling out black Americans, he insisted that he had not said “black”, but instead vocalised “bleugh”, as his mind became confused over his own train of thought. Full article available here.

We at This Week in Whiteness have always believed that Santorum’s rather frothy brand of racism would eventually slip out in a blatant way.

Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin Continues

To add to the many problematic elements surrounding the open case of Trayvon Martin, the Sanford Police Department released video footage from George Zimmerman’s visit to the police station shortly after murdering Trayvon Martin. While Zimmerman’s lawyer claimed that Martin had broken Zimmerman’s nose, the footage shows that Zimmerman was not bloodied, nor showed any signs of injury. ABC reported gaining access to the footage on Wednesday.

There is, unfortunately, more. A white supremacist recently hacked into Trayvon Martin’s email and social media accounts in an attempt to prove that Trayvon Martin was a thug, and was seen gloating about doing so on 4Chan. Gawker’s Adrian Chen reports:

A screenshot of Trayvon’s Gmail inbox our source provided us is heartbreaking. Martin apparently used his Gmail account for his college search, and it’s filled with emails about upcoming SAT tests and scholarship applications. (“Trayvon, now is the best time to take the SATs!”) One email included the results of a career aptitude test, our source said. It “talked about his interest in aeronautics and stuff.”

The Huffington Post has more details available here.

Update: Chicago Residents Demand Justice for Rekia Boyd

On Tuesday, Chicago residents held a rally demanding justice for Rekia Boyd, the young woman who was killed by an off-duty cop while socializing with friends near Douglas Park. The Black Youth Project reports:

Around 1 am last Wednesday, an off-duty officer approached a group of people in his car and asked that they quiet down. One of the individuals, 39 year-old Anthony Cross, approached the officer. Thinking he was holding a gun, the officer open-fired, striking Cross in the hand and (inadvertently) RekiaBoyd in the head. Rekia died later that afternoon. Full article available here.

About 200 protesters gathered in front of the officer’s home. For footage, visit The Huffington Post’s recap of the event.

Liar, Liar, Comic on Fire

Amid a flurry of criticisms,the University of Texas (Austin)’s school newspaper pulled an incendiary comic that suggested murdered teenager Trayvon Martin’s innocence was a lie. The image, drawn by now former employee Stephanie Eisner, appeared in theTexan’s Opinion section on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening, the newspaper issued multiple statements, including one from the cartoonist herself:

“I apologize for what was in hindsight an ambiguous cartoon related to the Trayvon Martin shooting. I intended to contribute thoughtful commentary on the media coverage of the incident, however this goal fell flat. I would like to make it explicitly clear that I am not a racist, and that I am personally appalled by the killing of Trayvon Martin. I regret any pain the wording or message of my cartoon may have caused.”

The cartoon and several updates are available here at The Daily Post.

Black Parents Murdered For Asking Man Not to Shoot

Raeford, NC resident John Oliver Hill, Jr. was shooting his gun outside and near the home of Thalia Rebecca Mook and Tommy Brown this past weekend. Brown had been outside with his and Mook’s children when Brown asked Hill to stop firing his gun, expressing concern for the children in the area. Hill responded by shooting Brown in the head, then Thalia Mook when she came outside. Their three children were present for the shooting. Extra details are available at ABC.

Black College Student Killed By Cops

In yet another case of “we thought his wallet was a gun,” young college student Kendrec McDade was killed by police officers after Pasadena, CA resident Oscar Carillo called 911 reporting being robbed at gunpoint by two Black teens. The police stated that they were set in looking for someone with McDade’s description and, after cornering him, shot him multiple times from their patrol vehicle as he reached for his waistband. He was unarmed, and no stolen goods were in his possession. For more info on the case, check out this article at the Pasadena Star News.

White Woman Stands Her Ground, Attacks Black Teenager

We will offer two accounts of what happened without comment:

Here is a citizen reporter’s account; here is the report that we managed to find on MSNBC.

We at This Week in Whiteness want to take a moment to reflect upon whiteness and the concept of belonging. All of these events have occurred because a person of color was somewhere they didn’t “belong,” even in their own neighborhoods. While history books will help one conclude that people are willing to defend their spaces to the death - of themselves, but preferably others - what does that say about white spaces in the 21st century? And what happens when white spaces expand to include almost ever pocket of the country?

The answer is that we have an open season on people of color - and while POC have always been under attack, those who aim and fire feel significantly more comfortable acting violently in broad daylight. Trayvon Martin’s death has triggered the shaking of a bottle of emotions. What will become of us, then, when the cork pops from the pressure?

Stay Vigilant,

This Week in Whiteness

Wondering where this week’s post is?

This week has seen quite a few inter-connected events. See how at 10pm EST when we summarize what’s happened this week!